the area

Kardamili is located 38km from Kalamata.It is built on the foothills of Taygetus beneath the entrenchment of the hill with the ancient acropolis.
Kardamili has many beaches and coves for swimming.
Time can also be spent exploring the Mani on foot or by car.
Excursions by car will take you either north towards Kalamata and ancient Olympia, Mycenae, ancient Messini or south to the Mani's numerous fishing villages,
to the enchanting caves of Diros, and to the southernmost tip of continental Europe, Cape Tainaro.
The foothills of the Taigetos mountain range are covered by a complex of marked footpaths that lead to enchanting hamlets and villages with churches full of intricate frescoes.
Hikes to Viros gorge (4 hours) or to Koskarakas gorge (3-6 hours) is a fascinating experience for those who love nature and walking.
Closer to Kardamili one can find Old Kardamili, (one of the places where the Greek revolution of 1821 began), a rebuilt settlement made up of fortified towers that encompass the Byzantine church of Aghios Spiridonas, where the atmosphere of the Mani, its traditions and its people can still be felt.